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Tap into your greatest potential & secure your spot today!

Join Coach Shayon as he assists you on your journey to better health! You'll work along side like minded individuals for 8 weeks! Sign up now to guarantee your spot as spots are limited!


Tired of not seeing results? 

All it takes is a single step!

Our team is here to provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your health goals. Whether you've tried fad diets or other programs in the past, we understand the challenges you may have faced. Let us help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle with our proven programs and expert guidance.

We support all dietary needs!!

Real Results!

Real Results!

Real plans, available anytime

We recognize that everyone has different goals and this is not a one size fits all program. Whether you like to train with a coach or on your own in the gym, we provide you with the foundations to achieve Next Level goals!

The Next Level Meal Plan

Nutrition is key. If you are struggling with where to start, start here to get a foundation of what you should be eating to achieve Next Level Goals.

Training The Next Level Meal Plan

This offers you personal training with Coach Shayon and a foundational meal plan that works for you. Custom Meal Plans are also available for purchase.

  • What does my investment get me?
    Accountability. Support. Meal Plan/s Workouts Tools and Resources to keep going! & More!
  • How many spots are open for the next program?
    We're opening up 30 spots! You'll be added to our accountability group to help you stay on track and motivated!
  • What do I need to be successful in The Next Level Program?
    You're here for a reason but we need 100% commitment and dedication. Our program is designed to provide you foundational methods to help you make lifestyle changes permanently!
  • Do I need a gym membership?
    Having access to a gym is great, but it is not required. Our workouts can be achieved in the comfort of your home. We will provide a list of equipment to purchase.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions?
    We cater to all dietary needs. It is recommend to have a consultation with Coach Shayon so that he understands your dietary restrictions for your custom meal plan.
  • Can we have cheat days during the program?
    Because the program is only 8 weeks, cheat days are highly discouraged. It is natural to fall short, however we want to train our mind and bodies to abstain from the things that hinder us from seeing results. That is the purpose of The Next Level Program!

Let's Work!

Now that you know about the program, let's get to work. We can't wait to help you achieve Next Level Goals!


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